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Unconventional Solutions for
International Professionals & Global Organizations


We support leaders who understand that it takes two to tango to communicate with clarity.

For International Professionals

Lead in English supports all of you who work in English every day across various languages and cultures. You can and will express ideas with confidence, influence others without hesitation, and connect with your audience through our innovative techniques. Contact us so we can help you grow as a leader in English.

For Global Organizations

We support your leaders--both native and non-native speakers--who manage across multiple languages and cultures.  Their talent blossoms when whey exude confidence and express themselves without hesitation.  You will find our innovative services will help elevate the voices of the international professionals who are leading your organizations.

our solutions


Private Engagments

Gain confidence as a leader in English by improving the impact of your messages and motivating your teams. You can unlock all your abilities to achieve the success that you have envisioned. 

Private learning engagements target your exact learning and skill-building needs. You can work with our Lead in English experts and develop your skills based on any of the key areas of

 Elevate your Voice: A Three-Step Approach


Keynote Speeches

We can address your international professionals on how to connect and engage across languages and cultures, so they can inspire others. 

This lively and interactive keynote speech helps organizations build better relationships by exploring  the challenges all international professionals face.


Speaking with Impact Workshop

Strong English skills build the confidence of non-native speaking professionals who need to deliver their messages with great energy & enthusiasm.

Speaking Clearly Workshop

Speaking Clearly help organizations equal the playing field for international professionals , allowing them to lead and inspire others.

Leadership Development: Building Better Relationships

An innovative workshop that helps native and non-native speakers of English build better relationships.  Designed to assist organizations in retaining key talent.



Speaking with Impact is also available in webinar format.  Learn at a pace convenient for you and your team. 

Explore current webinar offerings and request a quote now.