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Aura Rebelo 

Senior Marketing Leader in Jersey City, NJ

Around two years ago I accepted my company’s offer to relocate my family from Brazil to US. In this promotion, my primary task was (and still is) to improve marketing capabilities in Emerging Markets. Our relocation was, however, put on hold due to the pandemic. So, I started my new job virtually.

To help with communication, I was approved to take coaching sessions titled Mastering Clarity, Impact and Narrative (MCIN). My first thought was: "good, I will focus on business English classes." But I quickly found out the sessions were more than just about language. The total experience has been a unique

Vince Varallo has helped me become a better communicator and leader. The MCIN methodology is flexible, allowing me to dedicate more time on improving my skill gaps and building my confidence.

I learned about clarity by adjusting my messages to the diverse international communities and cultures with whom I interact.

I also learned techniques to deliver more concise and impactful messages and to build strong narratives.

And the best of all: the learning is invigorating and fun.

I use the practical learnings and tips every day. MCIN on-line is a great on-line resource. My private sessions with Vince, invaluable.

Rangam Bir

CEO and Board Director in Malaysia

As a global executive operating in diverse multi-cultural environments, I must recognize differences in communication styles, structures, and expectations. Vince Varallo’s framework—clarity, impact, and narrative— helps me to build not only leadership presence and credibility, but also motivates and inspires me to become a great bottom-line communicator.

I worked together with Vince for over a year to enhance my communication effectiveness. He helped me to connect and engage with audiences, elaborate ideas with clarity and conciseness, and deliver better impact through strong visual narratives.

Vince's program provides a solid basis and proven tools to effortlessly navigate communication challenges.

Swapan Khanna

Senior leader in Singapore

Mastering Clarity, Impact, and Narrative (MCIN) is a well-crafted program that is extremely useful in
today’s global environment. Built on the foundation of Vince’s strong experience in mentoring
international professionals in finding their own authentic voice, the program and its practical tools
certainly deliver with clarity and impact. Highly recommended for international professionals trying to
navigate their leadership journey across cultures and geographies.

Lulu Zhang

CFO Global Banking & Markets Finance in New York City

As part of our leadership development program, my company introduced me to Vince Varallo to sharpen my communication skills. Prior to our first session, Vince had interviewed my key stakeholders and had a solid understanding of my needs.

The sessions were rewarding and beneficial. I recognized my communication gaps, developed my compelling narrative, and honed my executive presence. My lifelong learning journey continues, and I thank Vince and Carmela for helping me to navigate the intersections of English, culture, and leadership. I strongly encourage other international professionals to take MCIN.

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