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International professionals working in English seek to become confident, personalized, and authentic communicators.  They want to be recognized for their talent and not evaluated alone on language competence.  MCIN helps them envision a future where they can seamlessly communicate in English across cultural dynamics and leadership implications.

Speak with Clarity :

It's about you


Many professionals believe that they speak inadequate English.  However, sounding different should never be a problem; articulating clear ideas, essential.  In this course, participants go on a journey of self-discovery, debunk their current communication beliefs, and learn to deliver easy to understand messages.



Learning Goals

  • Challenge self-beliefs
  • Adjust pace, tone, volume
  • Manage the moments of discontent


  • Build confidence
  • Ensure intended message is received
  • Create a strategy for difficult sounds

Speak with Impact:

It's about them


A lack of confidence in formal presentation and client facilitation can quietly derail international professionals. In this course, they learn the power of connection and engagement to have profound impact on their audience.



Learning Goals

  • Conquer public-speaking nightmares
  • Master the communication triangle
  • Handle pushback with confidence


  • Navigate challenging situations
  • Increase range of expression
  • Extend influence by connecting and engaging

Develop a Compelling Narrative:

It's about leading them


A compelling narrative is driven by purpose, passion, and core business values.   In this course, professionals build their personal brand by harnessing the power of stories to create followership in their leadership journey.



Learning Goals

  • Harness the power of stories
  • Amplify strengths to find a genuine style
  • Be concise; maintain focus


  • Create the "it" factor
  • Personalize a brand
  • Make the message contagious

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